360 Degrees Assessment

Common wisdom says that it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert on anything, but that's really only if you have high quality, frequent feedback during those hours.
In most organisations people don't tend to offer you feedback in a constructive and frequent way. Most of us are lucky if our manager provides us feedback every few months - and here we are not talking about day - to - day task related conversations.

That's why 360 reviews are so uniquely useful. Our approach accelerates people's business and interpersonal skills by focusing on three key aspects:

  • Identifying a starting point for development of new skill/ behaviours.
  • Measuring progress on these aspects over time.
  • Identifying the personal blind spots of behavior and the impact that everyone has but never notices.
We strongly believe that a 360 review is not a replacement for continuous candid feedback from a manager and it shouldn't be the only time difficult feedback is shared.

We coach the subject after the feedback has been collated, helping her to have a healthy relationship with feedback, and create a concrete action plan.
Alternatively, we train internal managers to become coaches for their organization.
Had an opportunity to interact closely with Rashmi Datt as part of 'Developing internal Coaches for 360 degree feedback'. After being trained by her, I enjoy coaching both kinds of people - those who are difficult to get through and those who are interested and receptive. Thank God she trained us well, else I would have either pushed my agenda or talked more than the coachee.

We had lots of role plays which worked like a flight simulator. We were able to take off well when the actual sessions started.

Many a times during my sessions with my coachee, I hear Rashmi's voice in my head reminding me of the key principles, and I allow the inputs to come from the coachee in drawing up specific action plans.

It was a very rewarding experience.
Srikanth Durai, Regional Manager (South) - Crown Worldwide Movers