I have got an entirely positive feedback from the participants of four programs on "Time Management" conducted by you . All participants have given a 'Very Good' to 'Outstanding' rating on their experience during the program and have confirmed their intention to implement the key learning. Above all I am assured that our investment in the "Time" spent in your workshops will prove more than worthwhile to develop the effectiveness of our executives on the job.
C.J.Jassawala, Executive Director - Thomson Press
Ms. Rashmi Datt has been conducting Emotional Intelligence workshops for students (at IIT Kanpur and now at IIT Gandhinagar) for the last 10 years. I have found her to be an extremely effective counselor and mentor, and students have gained by increased awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, better relational skills and higher self-confidence. I have personally sat through her sessions on MBTI and found that she did an extremely good job of bringing out traits of individuals based on MBTI.
Prof (Dr ) Sudhir Jain , Director - IIT Gandhinagar
I experienced Rashmi's behavioural interventions during my stints at Escotel and Microsoft. She was our partner for some of the Managerial skills and other programs. The programs conducted by her were well appreciated by the participants for the deep personal insights she facilitated linking experiential class room learning with real life applications.
Rachna Mukherjee, Chief Human Resources Officer - Schneider Electric
Right from the start, Rashmi has impressed us with her deep understanding & insight into Human Behavior. It is her ability to translate these insights into 'real - life' learning through her workshops, that has led to meaningful change for quite a few of our employees. I believe its her passion for what she does, that makes all the difference, and is more than evident in the many workshops she has conducted for us in the past decade.
Ashish K. Chawla, Country HR Manager - STMicroelectronics India
Rashmi did a series of interactive workshops for us at ACC Ltd. Her key strength is that she is able to understand organizational gaps and is able to address them through her interventions, thus adding value and fulfilling the objectives both for the individual participants and the client organization. She easily & quickly develops rapport with her participants, and gains their confidence and acceptance. Her debriefing and processing after each activity and exercise leaves participants with powerful insights into themselves.
Naushad Noorani, Vice President, Leadership Development & Dean of Mahindra Leadership University - Mahindra Group
Whenever I speak of good trainers a set of names along with yours comes to my mind. Your approach is experiential and participants have something to carry back after the training is over. Your involvement, dedication and commitment are visible in your training sessions. As a habit , I speak to participants after a training session is over and in your case I always got very positive response. It was because of this, we have invited you again and again.
Ranjan Pandey, Vice President HR - Fortis Healthcare Limited
I worked with Rashmi during my term at Punj Lloyd Engineering. She is regarded as a very experienced and competent trainer and made significant contribution in our organizational development efforts. I would like to specially complement her for her contribution in developing our PLE Value Workshop, which was one of our most important intervention. Her understanding of organizational dynamics, people issues and coming up with creative solutions is commendable. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to any progressive organization that looks at improving capability of people through training. She is an asset.
Dwaipayan Guha, HR Head - Triune Energy
Rashmi conducted more than 15 workshops for us when I was at BD. Post training intervention we experienced positive change in the behaviour and mind set of people. Employees were more open-minded and flexible, and took greater responsibility and initiative in their work. Her workshops are highly interactive and full of excitement with great learning opportunities and practical examples which participants can relate to both in personal and professional life.
Parveen Katoch, HR & Admn (DGM) - JSW Energy Ltd