Rashmi Datt is one of India's top EQ facilitators and coaches who accompanies people on their soul's journey to fully harness their purpose and passion. In both one-to-one coaching and facilitating groups, she is known for her no-nonsense approach where she both challenges clients to deal with issues they have been avoiding, and at the same time with compassion empowers them to see the gifts which they have not been seeing.

Rashmi Datt
..... But outside, I acted as if nothing had happened, and rationalized to myself: 'She was a difficult subordinate. Her leaving was no great loss'.

As I encountered more such uncomfortable situations - as we all do - I wondered what should I be doing different? How can I make real and deep changes to get out of the hurt-disappointment - struggle cycle?

I discovered that I was not alone in being entrenched in habitual patterns of thought-feeling-action. For example, fight or flight behaviour was common where many missed the big picture perspective.

I read, wrote, researched, learnt from the best teachers available, my painful experiences became my instructors. Entering an inner space of curiosity and compassion allowed me insights that washed away the conditioned ways of being, allowing new perspectives and possibilities to emerge.

Looking back on that crucial meeting, what would I have done differently? For one, taken the opportunity to dig deep and mine the gold, i.e., set up a meeting with Seema for a heart-to-heart chat 'Tell me more'. I would have learnt about what course corrections to make, and taken charge of my own leadership development.

My mission has become to help others tend to their triggers with love, build their inner 'Emotional Regulator', and get out of the battle field and view themselves from the hill-top. All this is in service of reaching our highest potential and expression. In the last 20 years, with a wealth of experience of coaching and training leaders, CXOs, I help people create new thinking and behaviour patterns, achieve excellence in their roles, manage conflicts, keep the big picture perspective and live life joyfully.

The best way to get to know me and whether this is the right time for us to work together, is to sign-up for a free Discovery Session.

Education and Experience
  • Worked for 8 years with Pfizer, Mumbai
  • Post - graduate in Management from BITS Pilani
  • CPP (Certified Psychodrama Practitioner) of psychodrama, sociometry, and group - psychotherapy from Vedadrama and Moreno Institute, Germany
  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from Leadership That Works (USA), an ICF accredited Institution
  • CPP (Certified Psychodrama Practitioner) of psychodrama & sociometry (Germany).
Author of two books on EQ
  • Managing Your Boss, which was translated into two foreign languages - Mandarin and bahasa Indonesia.
  • And the Lion Smiled at the Rabbit - Manage Emotions to Win, which was awarded the ISTD book of the year.
About Dialog
How it all started - Rashmi Datt started her training and consulting practice in 1993 after working with Pfizer for 8 years. Now, 25 years later, she brings increasing depth and expertise to her work.
Our mission - to help :
  • individuals and organisations achieve their fullest potential- become vibrant, responsive and resilient - through EQ training, coaching and consulting.
  • women to break their own internal glass ceiling, which are subtle and hidden barriers that prevent them from advancing to their fullest abilities.
The Team - Rashmi and her team have many years of real-world, hands-on experience in designing and conducting interventions, relating to leadership, culture, collaboration and motivation for organisations around the world.
What we do - We identify performance gaps, behaviours and processes which are coming in the way of maximum outcomes. We develop a change management plan which includes training, coaching and identifying a score board with key parameters to monitor and track improvements.
Monika Singh
Monika's expertise is HR systems, practices and policies, which includes employee engagement models, talent management, and leadership development. She is proficient at Compensation & Benefits, and has helped clients with external benchmarking, establishing pay ranges, developing long and short term variable pay.
A Post Graduate in HR & OD from Delhi School of Economics, she has worked with Dabur, TNT, Genpact, Cerebrus Consultants. She is a certified Global Compensation Professional form World at Work and Hogan Practitioner from Hogan Institute.
Ranjan Shukla
Ranjan is passionate about business transformation through culture of innovation. He works along with the clients' teams to solve real life issues. Attractive Return on Investment is the key aspect of engagement. He has led successful startups and new business initiatives leading to millions of dollars of profit.
He also helps to ensure sustainability by handholding for the agreed period. A graduate from BiTS Pilani, he has worked in leadership positions in Larsen & Toubro, IL&FS and Ernst & Young.