When the Shoe Fits

Rashmi, with her extensive body of work and experience, conducts women's circle sessions like a maestro.
She effortlessly weaves her magic to create harmony, balance, and intimacy in the group providing safety for deep sharing.
Shruti Agarwal, Counsellor - Sanjivini Society for Mental Health
    Do You Feel
    • A vacuum inside that you can be doing more, contributing and making an impact beyond what you are currently doing?
    • Restlessness with people - when you are away, you long to connect, but when you are with them, you feel distant?
    • Held back by invisible strings of 'not good enough', 'not yet ready' and so keep putting off your actions steps?
    • Overwhelmed by taking on too many things, and you are not even sure how important they are for your soul's growth?
    • Stuck about how to move forward on your goals, because you get so many ideas but don't know where to start?
    • Frustrated with certain aspects of your relationships?

    Then you have reached the right place.

    And it's not because there is something wrong with you (sorry to disappoint!). You are just sensitive, multi-talented, creative, and long to connect with your real self - which is love, courage and joy. You are looking for the shoe that fits-to connect with the soul's purpose for which you have been born.

I came to Rashmi's workshops after having experienced some failures in my roles as a professional and a mother. I became aware of my self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour. This has given me more choices and flexibility in the way I respond to old triggers like - my child's performance in school, criticism directed at me, speaking in front of authority figures. I feel calm and 'in - charge' of my emotions.
Monika Singh, Compensation & Benefits Consultant
Rashmi's workshop "When the shoe fits" offers an interactive way to identify and provide tools to tame your inner dragons. In a group of strangers, you get an opportunity to know yourself / your past behaviors from present vantage point. With each passing session; I felt changes in myself and observed changes in others' behaviors.
Rashmi brings in lot of compassion in her facilitation and empowers the participants. I wish her all the best in her mission to transform women's lives and I recommend her program to all women.
Shipra Makhija, Corporate Tax Director - McKinsey & Co
After the program
participants said they:
  • Became clear about their purpose, goals, unique qualities and strengths;
  • Became ready to take action about things which they have been
    dreaming of;
  • Learnt to take care of themselves so they are not sabotaged by old patterns and habits;
  • Had healthier, happier relationships with self and others;
  • Breathed freer, lived life joyously, purposefully and found the dancer in their heart.
Working with Rashmi has helped me understand the architecture of emotions. I realised my interactions with people were rational (logical and intellectual) and prescriptive (how can I fix their problem), and the conversation would STOP. But I learnt to respond from the emotional space, where connections of the heart take place. This is so much more satisfying and enriching. Thanks for making the Invisible Visible.
Triveni Mehta, Senior Manager HR - National Institute for Smart Government
After attending the program I feel light as a feather and have became more aware of my emotions, thoughts and judgements . I got invaluable insights, transformation, growth, collaboration, self - love and friendship. And the biggest gift I got was the courage to start a venture which I had been just
day - dreaming of.
Divya Bhatia, Home - Maker
How we work

Through drama and action (rather than sitting and talking ) we explore problems and issues of every day life. A member may enact a scene from their life. Group members are invited to play the other roles in the scene such as spouse, mother or boss.

Behaviour becomes conscious rather than unconscious, invisible dynamics come alive , the person has more choice over their behaviour.

Audience can 'act - storm' to find alternate ways of dealing with a situation

Members rehearse roles which are not well developed, leading to 'role - expansion'.

It is based on action method of exploring inner processes founded by Viennese Dr J. L. Moreno. It is an exploration of truth through dramatic method, and considered a rehearsal for living.

Oh! I loved the song and dance in the workshop, and the spontaneous fun and connection with people I have not met before. We explored the drama of life. It is full of shit and struggle, but that shit has the potential for giving birth to something new. It enabled me to take a step back and assess my situation as an audience or observer.
Talking about my joy, grief, fears, strengths, weaknesses, dreams and vision was so enlivening. I have connected with amazing women who have inspired me; and I am overcoming the biggest challenge of my life: Fear.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Nandini Gupta, Senior Editor - Ratna Sagar
I feel empowered to: Feel emotions, let it sink in, then respond (and not react); Take a step forward regardless of fears; Find the courage to have difficult conversations because that's where things get sorted out. Attending Rashmi's workshop helped me in introspecting what I generally ignore, feel free from invisible burdens, and deal with issues I have been avoiding.
Sunalini Singh, AGM - Marketing, Livpure