EQ Coaching

We don't believe in coaching.
Surprised to hear this?
Actually, we don't go by the conventional usage of coaching.
We don't believe people with problems and difficulties (who doesn't have problems and difficulties?) need to be "fixed" .

Our coaching helps the client recognize and deal with difficulties, set goals, and promotes the belief in the possibility of change and progress.

It is not the intervention of the coach which creates the change. It is the creative life-force of the client which draws her towards the reaching of her highest potential.

Coaching gives leaders a rigorous opportunity to take time out away from the fray to set the tone and review the narrative they want to communicate.

Thinking aloud with a trusted coach who brings a harness of support and a sword of challenge will help in the coachee continuing to learn and develop - both as a human being and as a leader.

'Who are you? With whom do you relate? How do you engage and what do you evoke in others? We persistently draw attention to these key questions.

We don't like long-term coaching relationships, as it develops an over-reliance on us that undermines the client's self-sufficiency. We set up short-term contracts with targets and mile-stones with established exit strategies.

We don't work with leaders in isolation but systemically, in relation to their teams and stakeholders. We believe in the importance of working with the web of relationships to which we belong, and in which we are held and sustained.