EQ through Drama

Tell me, and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.
~ Xun Kuang, Chinese Confucian philosopher, 312-230 BC
We use many creative tools and methods in our work -business games, simulations, theatre based exercises, energizers, art and journaling, creative visualization. The most powerful and our favourite is Psychodrama.

Psychodrama is an active process that uses guided drama to simulate reality where people can explore situations and problems in a safe, trusted environment.

Emotions are powerful energies of generating (at times compulsive) fight, flight or freeze reactions. We know from research in neurobiology that emotions are experienced and processed by the mind and body. Transformation is more likely through this experiential mind-body approach than cognitive or intellectual discussions. During the enactment of emotions of real-life situations old scripts are re-written to create new neural pathways and responses to difficult situations.

Dr Jacob Moreno, a 20th century psychiatrist, developed psychodrama in the early 1900s, holding the first session in 1921 . He described psychodrama as the "scientific exploration of truth through dramatic method."

It is grounded in principles of creativity, spontaneity and combines sociometry, group dynamics, and role theory. It can be effective individually or in a group.

The goals of psychodrama are to gain new insights, resolve problems, and practice new life skills and behaviors.

Rashmi Datt is a certified Psychodramatist from Moreno Institute, Germany.