Managing your Boss

This book provides valuable insight and practical tips through case studies and examples based on real life experiences of middle and senior managers.

While endless material (books, training workshops, seminars and studies) is churned out on leadership skills, followership - the art of working effectively and harmoniously with superiors is underestimated. Valuable time and energy are spent (at the office water-cooler or family dinner-table) in crying, "Why can't my boss be like me/like my ex-boss - more appreciative, more enterprising, more considerate, more communicative, more competent, ..." (the list is endless).

Managing your Boss is about building an effective and productive relationship with the boss for the good of the employee, the boss and the organization.
This is a brilliant book with many valuable insights into the most complex but unexplored topic- how to manage your boss. It not only explodes a number of myths and assumptions but also offers practical tools and suggestions to deal with difficult situations - BLASTS is one such example. That, by itself, is worth the price of this book!
K Murali, Executive Vice President and CHRO - Hertz Corporation, USA
"Boss is always right" is not true. "Boss is mostly wrong and root cause of my problem" is how most people see him. In this excellent book Rashmi Datt has put the issue in the proper perspective. An important must read for every young person starting a career, as well as for all those struggling to make it a success, as we are all dreaming to make (team) India Inc a global power house in the next 20 years.
Narendra K. Dhand, Chairman and Managing Director -
Micromatic Grinding Technologies Ltd
Brilliant. It's about time someone touched upon this subject given that it has so much relevance to our times and so much impact on the overall productivity of any organization. A must read for subordinates and bosses.
Ashuthosh Khanna, Senior Client Partner - Korn Ferry
Contains very useful tips on surviving the work place pressure-cooker.
Rachna Mukherjee, CHRO - Schneider Electric
Rashmi Datt was working as a corporate trainer while I had the opportunity to work with her (at Perfetti, ACC, Reliance Power). Rashmi's in depth knowledge about people, people processes and challenges in the HR field is extremely strong and has been very well utilized in this book. We may find innumerable books which could help a manager manage the subordinates, but not many books would help you in 'Managing your boss'. With the expert tips to maintain a harmonious relationship with your boss, the book also shows the reader the importance of communication, positive outlook & maintaining an inner balance. Definitely a value adding read for every employee and his boss!
Anand Shukla, Coach and HR Consultant
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